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Redemption Outreach Church International (ROCI) was founded and registered with the Internal
Revenue Service (IRS) and incorporated in the State of Georgia in August 2010 by Apostle Felix
Adade. The church wrote its constitution and obtained its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the IRS in
May 2014.

Apostle Felix graduated from Southwestern Christian School in Oklahoma City, with a
Master’s degree in Pastoral Leadership. He had an Apostolic mandate and saw the need in his
community to restore and transform people who are distressed physically, emotionally,
psychologically as well as spiritually. With the support of 4 other individuals, they began meeting in
the living room of his Riverdale, GA home. Shortly after, they moved into his accounting office on
Old National Highway in College Park where they increased to 10 people in December 2010. In
February 2011, the office could not hold them anymore because they had grown to 18 people.
Therefore, they rented a 1,500 sq ft place of worship on Washington Road, East Point, GA

where they met two (2) times a week (Sunday and Wednesday ).
Over here, the church began serving and reaching out to the community by conducting and giving out
new and used clothes monthly to the community with the help of a 5-member executive board and the
general membership. The church engaged the community by having funfairs in front of the church
premises on Washington Road where we gave out free food, prayed for, and counseled people who
needed it.

In December 2014, the church moved to Old National Highway because our number had increased to
38 people with a 10-member executive board, and the need for a bigger space that would
accommodate the growing children and youth ministry. With a 3,000 sq ft space,
the church has a kitchen that expanded our food ministry in the community to twice a
month and now weekly. The church also conducts health and wellness screenings, including

blood pressure and glucose monitoring and nutritional education in the community twice a year. Redemption Outreach

Church continues to advance the lives of the church and community by implementing services such as 

GED assistance and computer literacy programs.
With the current membership of 81 people as well as the growing number of children and youth, we
are gradually outgrowing our space and the need to serve is also increasing. The church has grown
interested in serving by engaging in health and wellness teachings that will educate and empower
people to make better health choices and habits, especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic and the
the devastation it has caused particularly among people of low socioeconomic groups. With more health
professionals and frontline workers in our membership, we engaged in face masks and hand sanitizer
drives and distribute them including personal sanitary items such as paper towels, bathroom tissues,
and water to the community during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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