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Apostle Felix Owusu-Adade

Senior Pastor


Apostle Felix Owusu Adade is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Redemption Outreach Church international (ROCI). Born in Ghana, West Africa he migrated to the United States in the year 2001 and settled in Riverdale, Georgia after completing his Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting from Rhodes University, South Africa. 

Due to his heart of service for God and people, Apostle Felix first became an evangelist in his local church where he served the body of Jesus Christ and the community by leading and ministering to the homeless and underserved communities in the Metro Atlanta area.


He founded Redemption Outreach Church International (ROCI) in August 2010, where he currently serves people of all walks of life both in the church and community. In addition, his apostolic mantle has impacted leaders, individuals, and communities at large. Also, his convictions and messages have also been centered on restoring, transforming, and empowering God’s people to manifest who God has created them to be.


This passion and style of teaching Biblical principles in a practical manner have encouraged the people he serves to develop, manifest, and maximize their God-given potential. He leads ROCI to serve their community through outreaches by engaging them spiritually, conducting and distributing clothing and food to the needy, as well as health and wellness programs. 


Pastor Nana Adade

Associate Pastor & First Lady


Pastor Bernadine Miller

Pastor - Children Minitry

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